Board Portal – Business Operating System Software

Sooner or later, depending on the pace of development, the management system of any organization becomes so complicated that it becomes difficult to do without high-quality business operating system software.

The Main Principles of Board Portal

The main difference between Board Portal and other intellectual goods is that it can be part of the intellectual capital of organizations, thus being a means of labor. Also, it cannot be used without hardware, so the user of the software product is necessarily the user of the hardware. In addition, the form of presentation of the software product in electronic form is important, otherwise, it will not bring any value.

The subject of the business operating system software is the right to use the Board Portal based on a non-exclusive license. The methods, terms, and territory of using the program are described in a sublicense agreement, which the seller concludes with the buyer. After the first launch of the program, the buyer also enters into an affiliation license agreement with the developer-copyright holder. However, this type of transaction is not necessarily accompanied by the transfer of a physical copy of the software. To implement programs on the basis of a non-exclusive license, the seller must obtain the consent of the copyright holder in writing, as well as pay him a fee.

Beyond the commonly agreed goal, the Board Portal is based on the basic principles to support interaction. These principles are developed at the stage of building partnerships and are accepted by all parties. They create the foundation of partnership, and subsequent events “cement” such cooperation even more with the passage of time. Each sector has its own specific tasks, and it will inevitably be difficult for representatives of one sector to accept the priorities of another, therefore, in order to reach a compromise and reconcile the interests of all parties, it is necessary to discuss and explain why a particular principle is important for one or another partner.

The Advantages of Board Portal

The use of Board Portal allows us to highlight the following advantages:

  • Availability. Anyone who has a computer, tablet or any mobile device connected to the Internet can access information stored on the cloud.
  • Mobility. The user does not have a permanent attachment to one workplace. From anywhere in the world, managers can receive reports, and managers can monitor production.
  • Cost-effective. Reduced cost is one of the important advantages. The user does not need to buy expensive computers and software that are significant in terms of computing power. He does not need to go to service specialists for service.
  • Leasehold. The user receives the necessary package of services only at the moment when he needs it, and pays, in fact, only for the number of purchased functions.
  • Flexibility. All necessary resources are provided by the provider automatically.
  • High manufacturability. The large computing power available to the user can be used to analyze, process, and store data.
  • Reliability. Competent IT experts argue that the reliability provided by modern cloud computing is much higher than the reliability of on-premises resources.

The obsolescence and lack of demand for many forms of the board of directors software of a civil servant, optimization of routine processes through the digitalization of procedures and services, and the emergence of new value motives in activities lead to the need to find new methods and means of optimal labor organization in the emerging digital environment. Conceptual changes in professional activity are an inevitable and extended time process.

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