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Good Free Antivirus Software Windows 10

Nowadays, the choice of a worthy antivirus app for a computer is a topic more relevant than ever before. The adequate PC protection from Trojans and viruses along with personal data safety and normal device functioning are critical for any user.

Going in for pricy complex antivirus packages is worth it and never disappoints, but it is profitable only for corporate users. For home users, a free antivirus is usually enough to protect it.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to install more than one antivirus app on a PC. Otherwise, you may face difficulties with OS functioning.

Here is the list of good free antivirus software Windows 10 can run with no problem. These three apps provide normal levels of PC protection without making you pay anything for their functioning.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast has been remaining a leader of best free antivirus solutions for years in a row nowadays. In many tests, the Avast Free Antivirus solution shows its results equal to some other apps that companies sell for decent sums of money. In other words, a free Avast version is good and simple to protect your PC, and it does not fall behind many paid alternatives.

Even beginning PC users shouldn’t have difficulties while using this antivirus application. The interface is intuitive, the language is adjustable, new functions appear frequently just like in paid solutions.

The most frequent negative feedback about Avast Free Antivirus tells of its irritating upgrade messages. The app wants the user to pay for the complete version and better protection, and puts too much effort on that goal. 

Panda Free Antivirus, Panda Dome Free

Before Avast made it to the top 1 place of all rankings, Panda was thought to be the best free antivirus software. Compared to paid solutions, Panda has a slightly bigger load on system resources. Still, it does not mean Panda makes Windows lag hard. Performance drops are slight and almost unnoted, but they do happen.

The antivirus has standard functions: it automatically reveals malware apps, blocks harmful websites, updates the virus database on a daily basis, provides the user with the anti-rootkit firewall, and automatically checks external devices on connection.

The Panda Free Antivirus interface is simple and understandable. Users say it is a “install-and-forget” software as it is not intrusive when it comes to maintaining its functions.

AVG Antivirus Free

The AVG free antivirus for Windows is among the best security apps on the market as well. It scans the system quickly but thoroughly, checks every file for potential malware elements on the first launch, etc.

Additionally, the AVG scanner can be launched on demand or scheduled beforehand. The user can set up the time when it’s comfortable for him or her to check the files on the drive. The user interface of AVG Antivirus Free is also simple and friendly. The app offers regular updates, too.

Main advantages of this antivirus application are: low system resource consumption, the utility to delete confidential data safely, the web reputation system, and the tracking blocker. One of unique functions, Link Scanner, allows the user scanning the website without even opening it.

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