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Outdoor Dog Kennels for Huge Dogs – 2019

The larger the dog is, the more space it requires. And this is quite logical, especially considering that the dog needs its own space for sleeping and relaxing, where it will smell its smell and warmth. Kennels for large and small dogs are built on the same principle and the difference can only be in size. We decided to consider which outdoor dog kennels for huge dogs – 2019 is in trend today and how to choose the best model for a dog.

What materials are best suited for the kennel of a large dog

Little dogs can live in the room and have tiny houses made of different materials, even cardboard. But as for breeds such as the Caucasian or German Shepherd, St. Bernard, Newfoundland dog or mastiff, then you have to think about a suitable home for a large four-legged friend.

Material for Large Breeds

Given that the dog house, in this case, does not perform a decorative role at all, but a practical one, the material should meet several requirements:

  • strength
  • reliability
  • long service life
  • resistance to cold and rain
  • dog safety

Such requirements can be met by several materials at once: wood, brick, durable plastic and metal. Moreover, the model of the booth can be made of only one type of material or in combination.

Why is Wooden Kennel Good?

Wood is a universal classic. The material, which is easy to buy, is easy to process and does not require any additional manipulations other than grinding and cutting. Wood perfectly retains heat inside, without letting in the wind outside.

Also, it does not contain harmful substances.

To build such a dog house, you need to choose wood species that are resistant to moisture and insects, such as cedar or pine. Outside, you can cover the house with varnish, but not inside, so that the animal does not breathe chemistry from the paintwork.

Brick Dog House

Brick alone inspires reliability and stability. If wooden kennels can last no more than 5-7 years, then the brick model can last all 20 or more. For such a house, you need to get cement and concrete, and of course, bricks.

First of all, it is worth digging a trench under the foundation and pouring concrete. Let it dry. And only then start building brickwork. Make sure that the walls are vertical and the corners are straight, i.e. 90 degrees. Also, consider the space for the manhole.

When the brick walls are finished, from the inside you can cover the kennel with lining, boards, plywood. You can make a sandwich layer: brick wall – lining – insulation – plywood. Thus, you will get a great combined house for a dog. The roof for the kennel can be made of any roofing material, usually, it is slate, roofing iron, tile.

What About the Sizes?

Large dogs have large parameters. Do not forget that you must build a house, with dimensions slightly larger than your ward, so that it feels comfortable, can easily lie, stretch and unfold. Therefore, when measuring, take into account the following parameters:

  • height from paws to withers
  • length from nose to tail
  • chest width

To each of these parameters, you need to add a few more centimeters to provide enough space for the dog. Typically, the parameters of large kennels are 100 cm length x 140 width x 95 height. The models of such houses are diverse: with a gable roof, with a veranda, with a vestibule and so on.

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