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How to Host Someone on Twitch: Twitch Streaming FAQ Guide

You are wondering how to host someone on Twitch? Let’s look through the following FAQ guide that can help you in various situations. The procedure is simple and understandable. Thanks to it, a group of up to four streamers can conduct a joint live broadcast in one window. Now you can brag of every tense moment of the match and, host someone on Twitch, take your virtual place at the table during the show of the board game, arrange a game for the speed of the game and conduct many other joint broadcasts.

Unlike such excellent, but less convenient in terms of cooperation, formats such as relaying or raiding, streaming allows authors to actively and mutually beneficial combine with other streamers. Authors can rally their efforts and broadcast what they could not broadcast earlier using the control panel, while simultaneously expanding their communities.

The procedure for the first time will be available only to partners. If you have a partner status, then:

You can start streaming through the control panel now.

Make the desirable quality.

Viewers will be able to join the multi-broadcast directly from the page of your channel.

If you want to see the multi-broadcast in action, enter the multi-broadcast tag on the View page to find all the multi-broadcasts available right now.

How to Start Streaming or Join it?

To start a new multi-broadcast or join an existing one, go to the control panel and find the “Multi-broadcast” widget. In it, you can create a group for multi-broadcast by inviting other streamers or accept an invitation to participate in an existing multi-broadcast.

How do I change permissions to send me invitations for the procedure?

You can change the permission settings for the procedure on the channel settings page. By default, you can receive an invitation from users from your friend’s list, teammates, or channels that track you.

How is the number of viewers calculated during multi-broadcast?

The number of viewers that are displayed for your channel at the moment your video player is in the central unit will be taken into account in the statistics of your channel.

Why are multi-broadcasts available only to partners?

First, the company launched the procedure only for partners, since their work requires access to video quality settings (also called transcodes) to ensure maximum viewing convenience for viewers. Currently, all Twitch partners gain access to video quality settings by default. Companions receive them when available and have a higher priority than regular channels. If you plan to make streaming available to partners and other streamers as our capabilities for transcoding processing expand.

Why are video quality settings necessary for the procedure?

Twitch always wanted to provide the best quality of the procedure for all users. Therefore, the system uses video quality settings to display channels in additional blocks with a lower resolution, for example, 480p. Most streamers broadcast with a resolution of 720p or higher, and without video quality settings, viewing the procedure would require significant resources for simultaneously displaying four streams with a resolution of 720p and higher.

How to start tracking a channel, subscribe to it, send a Cheer message with Bits and chat in the process of multicasting?

Viewers can chat or send Cheer messages with Bits in the channel displayed in the central unit. Tracking or subscription options are available when you hover over the avatar of a group member at the top of the screen or on the video player of that member.

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