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Avast VPN Review: Essential Aspects to Know

Avast Secureline product has a quite controversial reputation in the market of VPN protectors. As the requirements to nowadays internet protectors are both strict and complex, it allows breaking the overall Avast VPN review into different points. Among the most important ones that will be regarded are:

  • General information and pricing
  • Security level
  • Media possibilities

General Information and Pricing

Avast presents a variety of opportunities to try their VPN product. The first option is a 7-day trial that is available only on PC and laptops, while mobile gadgets cannot be used for such a purpose. The second comparatively free and safe is 30 days of the money-back guarantee, which can help to decide if the software can satisfy all the needs.

Among the compatibility of the operational system, Avast Secureline VPN supports work with all the current most widely used ones:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Android TV

The issue of pricing is broad, and if the client is ready to pay, there are numerous variations. Firstly, the cost depends on the device that should be protected, and for PCs and laptops, prices are higher. Available bills are presented for monthly, annual, and two-year usage with dropping the average fee for the longer term. However, the user will be able to upgrade safety for five devices under a single account. In general, prices seem to be quite higher compared to the market leaders, but Avast can use their commonly known name in the security sector in the way they want and deserve.

Security Level

What is most important for any VPN service? First, the facility must reliably protect its users. Second, it should provide them with the opportunity to work confidentially on the Web. Avast SecureLine VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption, provides DNS and IP leakage protection, provides access to the network’s emergency disconnect feature, and adheres to a strict tax-free policy. There are also two secure connection protocols to choose from OpenVPN via UDP or IPSec.

Tests of the DNS leak protection system by activating a VPN and connecting to a server in the US showed significant results. Checking the connection with a third-party service also gave needed feedback as results showed that data were matched from the US VPN server. The next proof came after an online IP check, which was dedicated to making sure that IP-address changed indeed after the connection to a server in another region. This verification was also passed successfully and meant that there would be no IP-address leaks on practice, and third-party services won’t be able to find out the true location of the user.

What is more, such a level of security is considered as military, so one can not worry: your data will never be hacked and cyber-threatened. Avast SecureLine VPN showed full-range protection and anonymity when working on the internet.

Media Possibilities

Almost recently, Avast SecureLine has updated their server network and presented few servers explicitly optimized for streaming. Even though such servers are located in the US and the UK only, they allow enjoying watching Netflix. That is important as one of the most popular media networks was unavailable for users of Secureline product some time ago. It also shows that the company tries to develop, which means better service and hope that they will continue providing new, handy updates.

Among other vital aspects is P2P support, which means the availability to use Torrent safely. However, as with Netflix, there are only a few servers (8 at the moment of review) that allow this function, which can negatively influence bandwidth if people will decide to use torrenting at the same time. Unfortunately, some of the worldwide media (like Hulu or Kodi) are not available at the moment. Still, the steps of the company in this direction looks optimistic as Avast VPN show their interest in developing this sector.

The last word, as always, remains to the customer and his preferences.

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