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Siteground Vs Bluehost

Siteground and Bluehost both are the prominent hosting service providers. Almost all the hosting service provider serves the same purposes. So, it’s hard to choose from these hosting service providers sometimes. You need to look closely for that. Because, different hosting service comes with different features, terms and services. Bluehost has around 750 people who are working for the 2 million website consumers.

Bluehost has been keeping their popularity for a number of years and keep growing it. On the other hand, the blue host has around 400 employees and 1 million web domains. Both of the hosting service providers gives enough spaces as storages. These both used advanced technology and updated processor to provide the highest speed and reliability. Both of the hostings has no bandwidth limitations. In comparison, Siteground gets better scores than Bluehost, let’s see which one is better.

If you put emphasis on small and medium-sized markets, then you will surely like the new BlueHost annual tariff plans ? they have very favorable prices. However, you can get a lot of benefits and discounts by issuing a longer-term subscription to the Pro package, designed specifically for large companies. The Pro will give you the opportunity to host an unlimited number of sites and domains, provide them with unlimited bandwidth.

Siteground ? is more simple in presenting information, conciseness and elegance of a set of services. You will not need to re-read each sentence several times in order to understand what is actually being offered to you. Also, the service has such amenities as a 30-day period for a refund in case of refusal of services, a domain as a gift for buying any of the tariff plans and much more.

Comparison between, Siteground and Bluehost,

  1. Popularity in services– Siteground is not that much popular compared to Bluehost. Bluehost has higher popularity, Siteground has midlevel popularity.
  2. Hosting Features – Siteground has a lot of hosting features than Bluehost. Siteground comes with additional cPanel and other website publishing features.
  3. Speed: Though Bluehost is more popular than Siteground, Bluehost has a very disappointing speed over site loading. Siteground has very fast and great loading speed compared to Bluehost.
  4. Uptime: In compared to Uptime of the hosting, Siteground performances is very excellent. But Bluehost’s performances are a bit lower than Siteground .
  5. Server Location: Siteground’s server is located in 4 places while Bluehost server is located in only one place.
  6. Site Migration: When you try to migrate your sites you don’t need to pay extra on Siteground but in Bluehost, you have to pay extra.
  7. Plan Price: Siteground has designed its price plan for medium and high valued customers, on the other hand, Bluehost has designed its price plan for medium and low valued customers.
  8. Support: Siteground provide very excellent customer support compared to Bluehost. You will get an immediate solution to Siteground and very customer friendly behavior.

Bluehost is more popular to the users because their plan is much cheaper than the Siteground. The problem is, Bluehost’s performances aren’t like site ground. Though site ground charges a bit more than Bluehost, it gives you better performance, features, and support compare to Bluehost. So, when you try to have the service from any two, you need to consider your budget and for what you will use the hosting, etc.