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GoDaddy vs HostGator

When you plan a webpage, the next moment you think of hosting and a domain provider. Well, Godaddy and HostGator, both are the top leading company who provides web hosting and domain registry service. If you compare between these two, Godaddy will be on top for the domain service and HostGator is for its hosting. Both the companies are investing millions to advance their technologies and serve the customer with better hosting. We will be showing some pros and cons of these two below so that you can picture the performance and quality of the two very well.

Difference between GoDaddy and HostGator,

Pros of GoDaddy

  • Domain Registry: Godaddy is known for the most Largest and trusted brand for domain registry.
  • Easy Purchase: From GoDaddy, consumer can easily purchase and select their domain name.
  • Easy Navigation: With GoDaddy, navigating all the websites are quite easy and it is also easy to understand their offerings.
  • Customer Support: With GoDaddy, You can have 24/7 customer support for any kind of problem you face.
  • Wide Range of Services: You can have a wide range of services with GoDaddy- from domain registry to hosting and other additional services.

Cons of GoDaddy

  • Hard Check Out: New user can face difficulties in their check-out process. It can also cause confusion to the customers sometimes.
  • Integration Problem: The problem is, GoDaddy’s Domain manager is not integrated into the same window.  But others have used the same window to features their domain manager.
  • Difficult Domain Transfer: If need to transfer your domain, the domain transfer process can be very difficult with GoDaddy.
  • Upselling: In GoDaddy, there are too many instances of upselling
  • The worst thing is, it has a long customer support wait times
  • Pop-Up: GoDaddy has a lot of pop-up specials on the screen due to its promotions and upsells tactics.

HostGator Pros

  • Cheap Plans: HostGator Provides Very Cheap and scalable plans to its users.
  • Email Marketing: HostGator has Email marketing services.
  • Up Time: HostGator has 99.9% uptime.

HostGator Cons

  • No Free: HostGator Provides No free domain on signup for its users.

Let’s see some other issues of the HostGator and GoDaddy,

  1. Website Loading Speed Test: When it comes to loading the same website, HostGator seems to be the winner, cause when the same configured website was trying to load, HostGator took 1.52 seconds and GoDaddy took 3.10 seconds.
  2. Response Time: In response time, HostGator’s response time was better than GoDaddy.
  3. Benchmark Test: In GtMetrix, it is found better performances on HostGator than GoDaddy.
  4. User Interface: HostGator has very easy and user-friendly c-panel than GoDaddy.
  5. Customer Support: HostGator provides very quick and reliable customer support than GoDaddy.
  6. Features and Pricing: In features and pricing, GoDaddy has very stable and great features pricing with better services option. Here, GoDaddy beats HostGator with their services.

GoDaddy and HostGator both are a very tough competitor. Both of them are best at their service. Though one has some advantages another for different reasons. Both of them has very good pricing strategy, features, and plan for the customers.