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Shopify vs Squarespace

Thinking of building an e-commerce website? Shopify and Squarespace can be the best choice for them. Shopify and Squarespace are specialized in making an e-commerce site. Both of them work at their best. Shopify and Squarespace become famous for various number of advantages. Though they work on the same platform, they have some differences among them,

Differences between Shopify and Squarespace;

Advantages of Shopify:

Easy Website management: E-commerce website is most of the time very technical to manage and operate. With Shopify, managing an e-commerce site has become quite easy.

Easy Setup features: Shopify has simplified the e-commerce website set up the process; the setting tools are easy to maintain and very quick.

Template Customization: There are many templates available on the store you can choose from. If you don’t find the perfect one, you can go for some coding or template customisation.

Vast payment Methods Options: Payment options are always quite disturbing and painful. Shopify breaks the limitation of the payment system, as they have more than 70 payment getaways.

Cheap Plan: Shopify has a very affordable and reasonable pricing package. It charges 9$ per month and offers 14 days trial.

Very Helpful team & community: Shopify has a very helpful support team and community. The site owner can easily get any kind of support nice and easy.

SEO and Marketing advantages: Shopify comes with built-in SEO and Google Analytics integration; it also has marketing facilities on the first line social media services.

Disadvantages of Shopify:

Cancellation issues: Shopify has an account cancellation issue when you try to change the service. Because when you try to move the site, it doesn’t give you and exportability of the website data instead of the product details.

New blogging software: WordPress habitual users might find it difficult using the Shopify as it has a built-in blog and learning curve.

Limited features for simplicity: To keep it simple and very usable, it has some limitations over their features.

Advantages of Squarespace,

  1. Template King: Squarespace is best known for its templates. They have a large collection of templates form where you can make your site more professional in no time.

  1. All templates rely on photography: It’s easy to change and redesign the templates as the templates are mainly based on photographs. Switching photos you can have an entirely new site.

  1. Easy to use the backend design: Squarespace is same as WordPress, Blogger, or a similar platform, you can easily use the options and figure out how it works. It will not take too much time to get habitual with it.
  2. it’s an all-in-one platform: Squarespace has everything in one place, plugins, widgets, or apps, all these are available to build your website fast and easy. You don’t need to fall in trouble with it.
  3. Squarespace is offered in a bundled approach: Squarespace gives you some features easy and automatically. Such a backup, optimization of your sites, etc. Site hosting, security, and redundancies all are included in their monthly subscription price.
  4. Customer support:  Squarespace gives you 24/7 support through email tickets and live chat boxes on this platform. So you can find the solution easily and quickly.

Disadvantages of Squarespace;

  1. No phone support: You might get in trouble finding the immediate support of Squarespace, as they have no phone customer support.
  2. Expensive Pricing: Monthly pricing is very costly on Squarespace, around 26$ per month, compared to yearly price.
  1. Lack of advanced marketing tools: Squarespace lacks marketing tools, though they have basic marketing tools, they lack the advanced one.

  1. No support for third-party apps, plugins, or extensions: In Squarespace, you will not have any third party apps, plugin or extension for your website.

  1. Editing Difficulty: Squarespace has some difficulty over adding new menus or contents, though it was very easy and basic content publishing module when you go for advance work you might get into trouble.